Dear customers and partners!

We have received another LCBO order for the supply of vodka Gerard Depardieu 0,5 l (the manufacturer – Minsk Grape Wines Factory).

Vodka is produced with the use of artesian water and high-quality “Belalfa” grade alcohol. Balanced soft, clean aroma and pleasant aftertaste with light sweetness inherent in the spirit, is acquired after filtering it through activated birch charcoal, which due to its natural properties, contributes to the maximum reduction of hangover syndrome. Additionally, the vodka is filtered through the relict natural flint.

“Minsk Grape Wines Factory” was founded in 2000 and since then has become one of the major producers of alcoholic beverages in the Republic of Belarus. Today the company produces more than 220 products, every one of which meets the highest standards of quality for alcoholic beverages and has its loyal customers. Since the company’s establishment, the products of the factory have won about 220 awards at international exhibitions and wine competitions.

Wondering where to buy Gerard Depardieu vodka? It will be available for purchase from February 2019. Discover our full range of products here.

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