Vodkas produced by Vitebsk Alcoholic Beverages Factory “Pridvin’e” will soon appear in Canada!

The Joint Stock Company “Vitebsk Alcoholic Beverages Factory “Pridvin’e” was opened in 1898. It has a long history, and that is why today it is a modern company that produces a lot of types of alcoholic beverages. The company exports products to more than 25 countries from all over the world.

  1. Pervak (0,5 L) – Vodka “Pervak” is as strong as real male friendship. It burns, warms, refreshes and excites your soul. Mostly it is achieved by the high alcohol content — 45%.
  2. Vodka.by Platinum (0,7 L) – Vodka “Vodka.by Platinum” is manufactured using platinum filtration. This type of filtration is one of the most advanced technologies. When interacting with platinum, water-alcohol mixture becomes free from aldehydes (they have toxic effect on our body). It gives vodka special softness, balanced flavor and crystal clarity.
  3. Consul Premium (0,7 L) – Vodka “Consul Premium” is a premium drink. It has a mild taste and balanced aroma, first of all, because of the maple syrup. Second of all, carbohydrate module “Yantalak GF” makes organoleptic features better, helps to neutralize toxic elements of alcohol.

Products are expected to be on sale from January 2019. Be the first to buy Pervak, Vodka.by Platinum, and Consul Premium vodkas online!

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