In February 2019 the production of the Belarusian alcohol brand Bulbash will be presented on the Canadian market!

Production of Bulbash has won more than 50 awards at international contests, including Gold Medal Vodka Masters and Trophy Award ISC. It is exported to 17 countries worldwide. Annual turnover – more than 30 mln. bottles.

1. BULBASH #1 MALT SPIRIT – is vodka comprising only three ingredients: artesian water, spirits «Elite» produced exclusively out of wheat unlike other products, and fortified infusion of barley malt. It has a sophisticated vodka flavour. The taste is mild and elaborate. The product is capped with the use of Vinolok, a cork made of Czech bohemian glass.

2. BULBASH SPECIAL – the grain basis of vodka Bulbash® is complemented by grain oat infusion, and this combination provides this beverage with harmony and completeness. A special sort of raisins and honey make it mild. It has a vodka flavour with shades of oat flakes and raisins.

3. GREENLINE SOFT – mild basis enables the full opening up of oat flakes and rice infusions, providing this vodka with a surprisingly delicate and clean flavour.

4. WHEAT & RYE SPRING DROP – the specific flavour of this vodka is a result of the passing of spirits mixed with water through special filters with active charcoal. In the production of vodka Wheat & Rye Spring Drop fortified infusion of dried apricots is complemented by the aromatic spirit of peppermint so the product acquires a delicate and pleasant aroma. Those who like classical drinks will certainly like Wheat & Rye Spring Drop.

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