Such alcohol brands as Hlibny Dar, Rada and Kozak will be available for sale within four months.

The manufacturer – National Vodka Company.  The enterprise is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 certified by quality management systems and processes of alcohol beverages production. The company’s assets are 187 national and international prestigious awards: 46 diplomas, 114 gold, silver and bronze medals, 12 most significant awards – stars for quality, and 15 Grand-prix of the worldwide tasting contests.

List of products:

1. Hlibny Dar Craft Ginger & Honey (0, 7 L) – Infusion of natural linden honey and ginger root, after passing the process of distillation, create in Ginger-Honey special aroma, softness and taste with spicy notes. In the finished blend of this crafted vodka, honey extract is added, which gives the drink perfect completion.

2. Hlibny Dar Grain Sprouts (0, 7 L) – When the grain wakes up from a dream and reaches the sun with its braids, amassing life-giving force is being released. This unique energy we put into the vodka HD Grain Sprouts. HD is always natural and follows the traditions. It is a real gift from the very heart of Ukraine.

3. Hlibny Dar Winter Wheat (1, 75 L) – Distilled purely from winter wheat spirit harvested in the western Ukraine fields our vodka is distinguished by neutral aroma and extra-smooth taste. Winter wheat differs from other grains: it’s planted in autumn, and harvested the next one. The period between it grows under the Ukrainian snow contributes to its hard and full-bodied grain.

4. Hlibny Dar Wheat (0, 7 L) – HD Wheat is made according to the traditional Ukrainian recipe. Its basis is created of the pure artesian water and Lux grain alcohol of the best varieties of wheat. This spirit is created for those who appreciate the true taste of vodka.

5. Hlibny Dar Classic + 2 shots (0,7 L) – The most harmonious taste and the most popular vodka in Ukraine. The classic vodka recipe. Golden mean. Nothing extra.

6. Hlibny Dar Craft Classic Gluten Free (1 L) – Hlibny Dar Classic Gluten-free is very smooth and easy-drinking vodka, its main feature is total absence of gluten in its composition. The first gluten-free vodka in Ukraine.

7. Hlibny Dar Rye (1 L) – Sometimes when there is a special moment in life, and the soul asks for something real, the special drink is necessary. Own, native.
And at the same time worthy and noble. At such moment we need only the best, carefully selected rye which has saved up all rich of the Ukrainian ground. Another thing that is necessary is the purest, really soft Cherkassy artesian water, which completely emphasizes the force of grain.

8. Rada Respect (0, 7 L) – In the pursuit of new experiences it is important to choose the main thing. RADA Premium Respect is the best for those who appreciate individuality, look for bright experiences and fresh events. The softest vodka in RADA’s line emphasizes the particularity of each moment that you spend in its company. The secret of its elegant taste and flavor in an extract blend of vodka. The premium choice for those who persistently goes over his dream.

9. Rada Special (0, 7 L) – If you are not afraid to go forward, the world always responds to every step. RADA Premium Special is for those who aspire towards everything new and progressive. Special vodka with addition of sweet wheat crumbs has a unique taste and charismatic personality. It will suit those who actively learn the world.

10. Kozak Classic (0,7 L) – Ultimate Beverage Challenge 93 points (Jun 2016). Kozak Vodka is produced out of Ukraine and likely from a base of 100% grain, a classic style of Ukrainian vodka.
Immediate earthy pungency quickly gives way to cool refinement. The understated flavor profile of this vodka is dominated by melon, cucumber, and aloe. Stylish and without excessive sweetness. This is an eminently refreshing grain vodka.

11. Kozak Ice (1 L)- Kozak Ice includes only the best: ancient technology of enriching and softening by wheat bread and aromatic alcohol of sweet- clover, fennel and lime blossom that advantageously fetch out vodka’s taste and add a light touch of spice and herbal aroma. Created specifically for vodka admires who have sophisticated taste.

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